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downhill bike tour from kintamani to taro village

 Downhill cycling tour  with a professional and experienced guide.

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The best way to exploring Bali’s rural area with bicycle tour. On this tour we combine spiritual experience “Melukat” self-purification with holy water blessing, cultural educational as well as adventurous experience as we ride through the old village in Bali Namely Taro Village, our professional English speaking guide will always be ready to ensure you have an amazing time by caring and sharing their knowledge about wide range of topics about Balinese culture.

We do bicycle tours twice every day, in order to give you a better insight of this incredible island, this Bali cycling eco tours activity are also added activity such us Traditional Balinese House, a Village Temple, self-purification with holy water blessing as well as rice field. Sometimes we stop to talk to a farmer about what he does in the rice fields, and also to see handmade traditional silver smith, this is where you really get an understanding of the Balinese daily life and our experienced guides bring you right to it.

We understand that your experience will never be enough without tasting so many kinds of food that Bali provide, so that Our culture eco cycling bike tours proudly serve our special Indonesian and Balinese lunch surrounded by bamboo forest and river at the end of the trip which is often described by our customers as the best food they have ever had in Bali. culture bike tour run by experienced team who would like to do something better for the locals as well as the nature of this beautiful Bali. This is definitely one of the best things to do in Bali.


Starting Point Downhill Cycling

Our well maintained mountain bikes and helmet a wait for you to be ridden. A large space will let you to try the bikes before you explore Bali’s countryside to make sure all components on the bikes work properly. Our professional English speaking guide will also show you how to use the breaks, gears and give you briefing of safety standard

Stopping Point 1 Local insight

By stopping at Traditional Balinese House that passed down from generation to generation, we will give you a better insight of local life and culture. So much things to discover starts from ancient Balinese Architecture Village, way of life, ceremonies, and many other uniqueness of this incredible island.

Stopping Point 2 The More Adventurous Track

This part of Bali cycling eco tours will allow the adventure seeker to ride on single trek through ancient jungle of Taro and local farming land.

Stopping Point 3 The Middle of the Island

We also stop in the middle of the island to discover the philosophy of 1,300 years old temple called Gunung Raung which was built by an Indian Priest “Rsi Markandeya”. Which the only temple in Bali have 4 gates or entrance located in four corners of the wind east , west, north, and south

Stopping Point 4 Paddle Rice Field

Rice is grown in most area of Bali, our culture eco cycling tours will cycle through one of the most beautiful rice field on the island. Our guide will be more than happy to invite you to do short walk or even help farmers harvest their crop during harvesting season.

Stopping Point 5 white Ox conservation site

White Ox is a sacred animal for Hindus in Bali the white Ox is believed to be mount of lord Shiva in symbol of the existence of Shiva

Stopping point 6 traditional handmade silver smith

In the local House we will see one of the maestro silver smith since 100 year ago from generation to generation

Finish point

we end our journey in a small area north of Ubud. Then we drive you to Semara Ratih Delod Sema Village, here we can do self-purification water blessing in Pengelukatan Semara Ratih is symbol of love and Romance. Before i drop you back to the hotel, we will enjoy Traditional Indonesian food at Semara Ratih Café. The food is catered for vegetarian and non-vegetarian as well as another food require.

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