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Hell of a subject, no?  Dear
, from
is actually some one that we found a while before, down in hillcrest, whenever she was a student in area for a work thing.  We’d spoke on on the internet and I happened to be believing that she had been insane.  Create definitely insane!

After much pleading, asking and sobbing regarding cellphone, from a jail cell in bumble f*ck craigslist w4m missouri, I capitulated and determined i’d help Jeni out.  You probably would, as well, next talk:

Jeni: Um, hello?

Me: Who the Frak is this?

Jeni: What Is a “Frak?”



Jeni: Its your boo, Yanni.

Myself: It’s 1am over here; it must be, exactly what, 3am over there?

Jeni: Yeah, but I’m in jail plus the Sheriff’s being awesome in my opinion for the reason that my low cut top in which he gave me a supplementary phone call if I consented to jump-up and down for a minute approximately.

Me personally: your own dad must certanly be extremely happy.

Jeni: HE COULD BE!!!!! He’s on their solution to bail myself aside, boo!

Me Personally: Err. Great… So, um, why ARE you in jail?

Jeni: It Is this short tale; something to perform with indecent coverage and driving while intoxicated and lude run at an escape stop…

Me Personally: …

Jeni: Boo? Could You Be here?? i am just kidding about the indecent visibility part.

Myself: you already know your own informative value into young heads around the globe, correct?

Jeni: definitely! However the sex recording we made in the rest stop should be converted before i could post it to youtube!

Me: good! we’ll can you a visitor post for the web log!!!

Jeni: Hooray!  Thank you, boo! You never know how much it means in my experience and how pleased it will make myself, even yet in jail, in which i am revealing a cell because of this different lady called, Hermene.

Me: i will sleep.

Jeni: But, wait! I had—

(Mouse Click)

Thus, yeah, go take a look at my guest article on
Jeni’s Website

*Please excuse my personal douchey looking image. K, thank you!

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